Armadillo shines a powerful light in the marketplace

Armadillo LED is at the forefront of the design and implementation of LED lighting solutions. Like many businesses which are successful in what they do at a technical level, the company encountered problems when it could not readily finance some of the larger or more adventurous applications. It had been awarded a contract by a prominent US highways authority to install LED replacements for conventional lighting. More >>


Working capital enables City software developers to finance invoices

IT specialists are under constant pressure to support City dealing platforms, meeting an increasing demand for systems which help pack in as many deals as possible in a given window. Systems which can monitor the most complex trading platforms for latency (delays in the execution of a transaction) and the flow rate of transactions are heavily in demand in this highly competitive arena. More >>


 £200k for radar systems builder

Britain is a nation of inventors.  Relatively few of them go on to make a commercial success of their hard labours, however.  Within that select band are the star performers such as Frank Hornby of Meccano fame and Sir James Dyson.  But there is a tier of less high-profile inventors who have profited from turning their developments into successful businesses. One of those stalwarts is a TAEFL client. More >>


£75k relieves pressure on blinds manufacturer

Whatever the market sector, adequate working capital is essential to the smooth sequencing of the supply chain: each producer must be able to fund its stage of the process, paying for the materials and services required, adding value and then waiting while the next operator up the ‘food chain’ settles its invoices. The suppliers at each stage in that chain are at risk of failure if funds are not available when required. More >>